Automatic Gate Maintenance 101

Our gate systems are designed to require minimal maintenance, but do require specifics for D-I-Y routine maintenance:

  • Always use a marine-grade or waterproof type grease to grease the hinges. Regular (soap-based) grease will dry out and cake-up inside the hinge barrel and cause major damage to the hinges, in some cases making it necessary to take the gates down and either drill-out the hinge barrel or completely replace the hinges.
  • All of our hydraulic gate operator systems have an aircraft-grade multi-viscosity hydraulic fluid. Never use power steering fluid, brake fluid, or tractor-type hydraulic fluid as this can contaminate the existing fluid and may damage o-rings, gaskets, and seals.
  • Do not have the rock or brick columns acid-washed or etched. The acid will never completely dissolve and will leach out each time the columns get wet. The acid will eat-away the boxes and fittings recessed into the columns and may damage the wire as well. We have seen projects where the masonry contractor or others have used so much acid the acid leeches into the surrounding soil and prevents landscape vegetation from growing in these areas. We recommend using a power washer contractor that uses hot water and not chemicals.
  • Never use a latex or water-based paint on the gates or other exposed steel. We use a high-performance primer and paint intended for outside metal – either Rustoleum Industrial Enamel system or Sherwin Williams premium industrial polyurethane or catalyzed epoxy primer and paint system. Please contact Controlled Access Systems if your gate needs to be power-washed and/or painted for information on which type of coating system was used on your project.

We also offer maintenance contracts with 6 month and yearly plans available. Please contact us for more details or with any other question.